Hello You! Welcome to my Blog!

I am a healthy food lover and believe that everybody can have a healthy life with a little effort. Healthy food does not need to be boring. A very tasteful and enjoyable healthy life is very possible. I will offer alternative healthy foods for a cleaning eating, remind you some nutrition facts, and motivate you to exercise. It is NOT about restrictions but about consciousness and knowing your limits! So do not be surprised if you see naughty chocolate cakes (yes I said chocolate cake!) or high calorie staff here. Yes yes I know… I was talking about healthy clean eating but a piece of cake will not kill you =D

Nobody is flawless, neither you nor those models you see on advertisements. Each of us has different bodies with different features. What matters is YOU and your communication with your body. You will not find ‘learn how to love yourself’ crap in my blog but I will strongly encourage you to listen and understand your body.

Because this is the key of everything!!!

In short, everyone is unique. So every each of us has a different body and metabolism, and one of a kind life! It is important to be able to understand the signals that your body gives and act according to it. Then you will be happiest and healthiest person on earth =)


Lady Venus